On-Site Retail

The Julia at Saint Charles On-Site Retail:


"Welcome to True Food Kitchen: a restaurant inspired by the philosophy that food should make you feel better, not worse. Together, we’re a passionate collective of accomplished chefs, visionary restauranteurs and a renowned doctor of integrated medicine, who believe delicious dining and conscious nutrition can go hand in hand, without sacrificing flavor, creativity or indulgence. Here, we invite our guests to become a part of a world where great tasting food and thoughtfully crafted beverages—shared in an environment of infectious positivity—can be the foundation for a life well lived."



“Rome’s esteemed pizzaiolo Gabriele Bonci creates pizzas that are so delicious, so creative, and so visually stunning that he has developed a fanatical following not only in Italy, but around the globe. And now this pizza maestro is bringing his recipes and his famed al taglio pizza to New Orleans.

Bonci is a reinvention of pizza that embraces quality above all else. That “quality without compromise” approach is a philosophy Gabriele learned at a young age working at some of the finest restaurants in Rome. And it’s an approach he’s using to change the pizza game.

Bonci’s vision, passion and inventiveness can be found in everything we make. His creations are unlike anything you’ve ever had before, because Bonci is unlike any chef you’ve met before. He brings a level of excellence to pizza that is at once refreshing and daring.

And all he asks you to do is take a bite. You’ll see what it’s all about.”